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    note |You just finished the Mindpicnic course|! Now you know how to study effectively with Mindpicnic and how to create your own content. You probably don't want to repeat the Mindpicnic course regularly. So what to do? |Switch to the Plan Page and deactivate the course|. This way the lessons won't ...
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    You have just opened the next to last and most important lesson of the Mindpicnic intro course. The most Important? Yes. |Mindpicnic is made for people who want to learn more than just the courses created by others|. This is why it is very easy to set up new courses yourself. Why not give it a ...
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    note If you're following the Mindpicnic intro course, you have just "read" the imaginary Mindpicnic book. Well done. *How much do I still know about the flashcards I learned earlier on?* You can check this very easily. Do you see the link to the course _How Mindpicnic works_ just above to the ...
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    You are now in the second lesson of the Mindpicnic intro course. And you got here without anyone explaining to you what a "lesson" or a "course" is at Mindpicnic. Well done! Nevertheless I will give you a short overview: http://www.mindpicnic.com/media/img/user/andreas-80907-course-lessons.png ...
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    *Congratulations!* You just made it to the first lesson of the Mindpicnic course. In the next five minutes you will learn - how to learn vocabulary effectively. - how to keep track of your study progress. - how to create your own study material. You have already seen |the most important ...
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    a french group (73 words)
    A french group Why don't you create a french group, get together some friends or people from collage, university, or school and learn french together. Recomend websites, make your own french club so people can come and join, and you can meet new people. Start your own website and advertise ...
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    Nature walk (48 words)
    Nature Walk To help you learn and rember the animal names in french, why don't you and your friends, or your french group go on a nature walk and when you see an animal name it in French and write it down on a piece of paper. When you get back home, or back to your meeting place recap on what ...
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    Fizz Buzz (79 words)
    Fizz Buzz This game includes 4 or more people, so get together and play this with your friends, family, or even at school or work. The aim of the game is to remeber the order of the numbers from 1 to 100. On every 5th number say fizz, then on every 10th number say fizz buzz. When you play the ...
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    Want more phrases (26 words)
    If you want some more phrases and sentences then leave a comment telling me what phrases and sentences you would like to learn then I will add them to the card box.
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    Welcome to Elementary Algebra, let's begin this lesson with some basic definitions to Algebra. *Algebra*: _A Mathematics of numbers that are replaced by letters and follows the order of operations._ *Order of Operations*: _A Mathematical system used in Algebra and other basic computations. ...
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    note _Person, Präsens, Imperfekt_ *IK* : ben -- was *JE/JIJ* : bent -- was *U* :bent -- was *HIJ/ZIJ/HET*: is -- was *WE/WIJ* :zijn -- waren *JULLIE* : zijn -- waren *U* : bent -- was *ZE/ZIJ* : zijn -- waren Perfectum: ...
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    Want More Verbs (17 words)
    If you want me to add any more verbs then leave a comment and tell me what verbs you would like me to add.
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    Want More Sports? (14 words)
    If you want me to add more sports then leave a comment and i will add it to the card box.
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    note #Historical and comparative linguistics (18th/19th Century)# - focus on diachrony - language as part of culture - "humanistic" approach - grammar, applied linguistics #Influence of natural science# - Discovery of Sanskrit - "laws" of sound change - 1822 Grimm's law: "Sound shift" of ...
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    note Höre dir die Audiolektionen 1-3 an!
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