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Learn Verbs Online

Study Verbs vocabulary and texts online with Mindpicnic. No software download required. You can start learning right away! Tell me more about E-Learning with Mindpicnic!

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  • cardbox to start: beginnen, to finish: beenden, to work: arbeiten, to need: brauchen, to call: bezeichnen, to bring: bringen, may: dürfen, to think: denken, to receive: erhalten, to tell: erzählen, to follow: folgen, to give birth to: gebären, to lead: führen, to be considered sth.: gelten, to belong ...
  • cardbox Basic verb conjugation you should know.
  • cardbox
    Subjunctive Verbs (17 cards)
    spanish subjunctive study
  • cardbox
    Imperfecto (6 cards)
    Spanish imperfecto verbs