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Learn Statistics Online

Study Statistics vocabulary and texts online with Mindpicnic. No software download required. You can start learning right away! Tell me more about E-Learning with Mindpicnic!

2 courses

  • course How Mindpicnic works (7 lessons) Learn how to get the most out of Mindpicnic, how to keep track of your study progress and how to use your own study material easily.
  • course Statistics (1 lesson)
    A course on Statistics.

2 Books

  • book
    Chaos Theory Tamed (499 pages)
    By Garnett P. Williams. Helps you understand the basic concepts of this relatively new arm of science. Drawing from mathematics, physics and statistics, this book provides a toolkit for readers, including, vectors, phase space, Fourier analysis, timeseries analysis, and autocorrection.
  • book By M.G. Bulmer. The best intermediate-level explanation of classical statistics on the market! From basic dice probabilities to modern regression analysis and correlation, Professor Bulmer provides explanations, graphs, charts, problems (with answers). Equal stress is given to theory and applications. The author ...

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