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  • cardbox When was it first stated that an American Navy should be created? And who stated this? And who said it was, "the maddest Idea in the World to think of building an American Fleet."?: October 3 1775, stated by a Rhode Island Delegate. ANd Samuel Chase of Maryland said it was the "maddest idea", When ...

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    By Thomas K. McCraw. Unique for its breadth of coverage and depth of analysis this uncommonly readable book is certain to become a classic. Five of the book's ten chapters provide in-depth analyses of representative companies and the remarkable people who led them. These firms include McDonald's, Procter & Gamble, ...

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  • note #Historical and comparative linguistics (18th/19th Century)# - focus on diachrony - language as part of culture - "humanistic" approach - grammar, applied linguistics #Influence of natural science# - Discovery of Sanskrit - "laws" of sound change - 1822 Grimm's law: "Sound shift" of ...
  • note *_I know that my Grandmother would be pleased with the vehicle she so wisely created that has done so much for so many." - J.R. Fulp, Jr., Chairman_* The Abney Foundation (*"History":https://www.behance.net/gallery/History-SUSIE-MATHEWS-ABNEY-and-ASSOCIATES-FOUNDATION/15436585*) was originally ...