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As a parent of 2 active boys, Uncle John got his education about safety and health issues on a daily basis from private parenting experience. If you add childhood peanut allergies, a few wrist and arm fractures from bicycle accidents, and several bumps and bruises to Uncle John's child-rearing experience, he is very trained to present an informative yet enjoyable safety and health show to kids, by having a musical & comedic element to make their interest.
Topics Covered Include: Preventing Common Home & School Yard Injuries, avoiding confrontation from bullies, and stopping the spreading of germs & colds through proper hand cleaning, etc. <a href="http://www.unclejohnspuppets.com/schools.php"> nj puppet show</a></p><br><p><a href="http://www.unclejohnspuppets.com/schools.php"> Kids Birthday Party Entertainer in NJ - Puppet Shows</a></p><br />


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