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Turmoil Magick has its roots in every occult custom and in the work of many people (note)


The Note

Disorder Magick has its roots in every occult tradition and in the work of lots of people. He did not mean that the system he developed for his own use needs to be used by others since it was clear to him that no two people might benefit from the same system. Without a doubt practitioners cast real magic spells

The most current public expression of Turmoil Magick has actually been with the work of the Illuminates of Thanateros, an order which Pete Carroll and I started in 1978. The response to our works was much higher than we anticipated and by 1982 there were teams working in England, Australia, America, Egypt and Germany as well as allied groups such as the "Circle of Chaos" and many individuals working alone. The magnetic law of attraction is unstoppable.

The troubles of running such an order quickly became noticeable. Exactly what appeared easy to us, both in idea and technique, was not easy to individuals who had actually not suffered the arbitary and strange complexities of what is now referred to as "standard magick." This put us in an unpleasant position since it implied that a magical concept which, by our own meaning, can not be taught now required to be taught. Both Pete and I held guruship and hierarchy as anathema yet now we were being expected not only to teach however also to lead.

It has been stated that all systems of magick have the exact same end outcome. I doubt that this is real because numerous systems restrict their specialists within such slim parameters of dogma and morality (even if there is no priesthood as such) that instinct and imagination are stifled by regulations and doctrines. A course can not be picked sensibly till all paths have actually been analyzed for contrast and to restrict oneself to one path would, in any case, limit ones experience and modes of thinking.

No reference was made of notions best left for the person to decide such as reincarnation and the existence or nature of god. Ideas of that nature have little bearing on the efficiency of practical magick anyhow, and individuals practicing the strategies quickly came to their own conclusions. We understood that we were on the right track when we came to collecting the info sent to us by teams and individuals.

To detail the methods of Disorder Magick would be spurious since they are effectively dealt with in offered publications. It would serve however, to point out a popular mistaken belief which has been unintentionally promoted by individuals filling in specialist publications. There has actually been some confusion about the word 'chaos', some authors believing the word to have actually been utilized in this context to express the strategies themselves. Nothing might be further from the reality. Whilst it is appropriate that some modes of gnosis work due to the fact that they puzzle the ratio-cinative functions they eventually bring about clarity and magicians included in the Chaos current tend to be meticulous in the method they arrange their program of work. This is a legacy acquired from the "93 system". We created the term "Mayhem Magick" to show the randomness of the universe and the individuals relationship with it. The antithesis of chaos, cosmos, is the world suitably specified by the effective magician for his own functions and that meaning is under constant examination and could be frequently changed. Turmoil is expressive of this viewpoint and enhances the idea that there is no long-term model for the person's relationship with everything that he is not. The word incorporates not only those things we understand to be true however likewise exactly what we presume could be real in addition to the world of fears, impressions and possibilities.

If there were anything such as a Mayhem Credo it would operate on the following lines: I do not believe in anything. When those theories have been tested, I understand what I understand (gnosis) and I postulate concepts which could or could not enter my system of taken on beliefs. There are no demons or gods, except for those I have actually been conditioned into acknowledging and those I have created for myself. I create and damage beliefs according to their effectiveness. In the words of the sensible "absolutely nothing is true, everything is allowed" - provided it disrupts no-one.

At the group level undoubtedly a consensus of some type must be reached. I utilize the word agreement advisedly because other descriptions such as "shared reality" would be rather misleading since no concept beyond the concrete can be shared. It can, at best, be appreciated. Support in technique is constantly useful however dependence on books, even books on Turmoil Magick, is best kept to a minimum in favor of working by instinct.

Group workings normally fall into four categories - experimental, initiatory, duplicated ritual and celebratory (for which several groups might come together) although by no means all groups consist of all 4 categories in their repertoire. More vital for a team working any type of magick is to build and keep an environment which inspires the creativity and thrills. The teams currently in existence have, to a huge level, moved far from the idea prevailing in the seventies that theatrical trappings are not required. They have a tendency to use any gadget which will contribute to the magical atmosphere they want to create. The standard magical tools are often made use of however, more frequently than not, rather new weapons peculiar to each team are made. Masks and robes are efficient and, for that reason, commonly utilized although nudity is not frowned upon (See the "Cardinal Rites of Mayhem").

As far as experimental magick is worried, sigilisation has been the most widely researched subject, but telekinesis, ESP and telepathy as well as lots of techniques of raising power have been checked out in varying degrees of information. This covers magic spell services

Turmoil Magick is not looking for converts but anybody who is currently inclined to wonderful experience and who is prepared to break new ground would be warmly accepted by the existing teams.

Turmoil Magick has its roots in every occult tradition and in the work of many people. The most recent public expression of Turmoil Magick has been with the work of the Illuminates of Thanateros, an order which Pete Carroll and I initiated in 1978. The response to our works was much higher than we prepared for and by 1982 there were teams working in England, Australia, America, Egypt and Germany as well as allied teams such as the "Circle of Turmoil" and numerous individuals working alone.

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