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Phonetics: Classification of consonants and vowels (note)


The Note



IPA Sounds



Created by: Andreas on November 30th 2006, 17:33.

Last updated by: Andreas on December 3rd 2006, 16:09.

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Being studied by: der-tim, Idiosynkrasie, ~Gina~, alex87, k_zuckerschnecke and 100 other persons.


Tags: consonants, ipa, phonetics, phonology, vowels,


  • # Juli wrote on 12/03/2006, 19:03:

    Oh... suddenly I can remember! I had that before!!

    • # Andreas replied on 12/03/2006, 19:12:

      If only linguistics wasn't a compulsory class. I can't see why it's helpful to know the difference between an ɛ and an ɜ in order to understand the human mind.

      But then, I don't completely understand the mind of those who created the coxi study program yet. These might just be the facts that are missing.

      • # Juli replied on 12/03/2006, 22:57:

        Yes, but the little, little word "might" is still there. And it "might" also be not important.
        But you'll get through it. I'm doing the "Introduction to Informatics" course at the moment, and our prof also mentioned it.
        By the way, I had exactly the same chart!

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