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Lesson 2: genre (note)


The Note

This lesson is all about learning more about genre. (The way that they are used, how they are identified etc.)

Define genre

Read http://www.suite101.com/lesson.cfm/16712/258 (Pages 1 to 5) Making detailed notes long the way.

Make a list of any genres you find specifically interesting and draw spider diagrams of ideas for any type of creative writing under that genre. If possible think about whether you can adapt the work you did last lesson into this new genre [or whether it is in the genre you like anyway].

CHOOSE- continue and adapt last weeks work OR write a new piece

Pick one genre that particularly appeals to write about and one which doesn’t. For each, write a summary (no longer than a side and a half) about why these genres do/not appeal.

If you decided to continue write a new piece and if you decided to scrap your old work think about and edit it as much as possible into the genre you specified.



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