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Lebanon, Slowest Web in the World, no online video streaming (note)


The Note

Staying in Lebanon, a country in its very early stage of advancement is challenging.
Like the title says, staying in Lebanon when you're from a creating nation is difficult. I believe things this the most tough for me to approve below is the truth that when you look around, primarily on Sunday, you could quickly be made to believe that you're in the center of Paris or Geneva. If you could shut out from your mind the flopped down structures, individuals honking constantly and the occasional beggars, Beirut can be rather gorgeous.

A great deal of individuals on the net state that Beirut is one of the nicest urban area at night, it is lively, the food is outstanding and the Lebanese are fairly wonderful.

Sadly, Lebanon is a land of extreme. It is when you return residence and sit in front of your pc that you understand that Lebanon is all a sham. They can not keep up with the remainder of the world because of the Internet situation.

Now just what do I imply by that?
Lebanon, has the slowest Web in the entire world. Four $110 a month, all you could intend to have his 1 Mb per second, in contrast to France or Canada, where for $35, you could obtain greater than 100 mbit/s per second. Yes my buddy this is the saddest reality of it all, Web here is three hundred (300) times a lot more pricey compared to in North America in most of Europe.

The majority of reveal that their highest plans consist of 30 GIGABYTES per month, sadly, many are overestimating and you just finish up with 25. Now just what is 25 jobs each month, well permit's put it per day for you to know better.

Obviously you can obtain more than 30 each month if you're willing to pay $4,50 each extra job. A buddy of mine simply told me that she ran a $900 Web bill this month. She was not even residence, she had actually simply failed to remember that the hookup was still on and that her Facebook web page was simply freshening her wall surface, messages and photo received.

Now Lebanese have not a problem objecting for anything, take part in celebratory shooting's or bombing their neighbors in demonstration. But when it concerns the Net, they are simply resting and let the federal government action on them like one does on carpetings.
If you contribute to it the truth that is almost impossible to import anything from Amazon, or other individual such websites or get merchant accounts to accept payments transaction online since the nation is now blacklisted thanks to Hezbollah, Lebanese companies can simply not make any kind of business online.

Now everybody condemns the government for that, are they right or not I do not understand, I have actually not been in the country long enough, but it would certainly make good sense as the government declines to set up fiber optics and state that 1 megabit per second, a transmission capacity as well slow-moving to vapor video is enough for their people. A great deal of neighborhood good friends I spoke with said that for some government authorities, the Net is a lot more profitable than cocaine with an income of 2 billion dollars a month and expenditures of 40,000 dollars for the worldwide link to Europe.

I highly really hope that the Lebanese will certainly quickly sign up with the 21st century with the rest of us, which would make my life a lot simpler.

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