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to learn french with fun:) (course)


The Course

Hope to go through all tjhe lessons till the end and lear everything what's in there:)

The 12 Lessons

  1. 1
    cardbox voilà: this is, there is, la France: France, un: one, deux: two, trois: three, quatre: four, cinq: five, six: six, sept: seven, huit: eight, neuf: nine, dix: ten, et: and, c'est: it is, that is, ce sont: they are, these are, un garçon, les garçons: a boy, the boys, avec: with, sur: on, un ami, ...
  2. 2
    cardbox où: where, à: in, at, madame (Mme): Ms., monsieur (M.): Mr., la mère: the mother, le père: the father, une cuisine: a kitchen, Bonjour.: Good morning. / Good afternoon., Salut.: Hello., maman: mum, papa: dad, être: to be, oui: yes, merci: thanks, mademoiselle (Mlle): Miss, non: no, moi: me, ...
  3. 3
    cardbox habiter: to inhabit, travailler: to work, un élève, une élève: a student, un collège: high school, arriver: to arrive, une maison: a house, regarder qc: to look at sth, un journal, des journaux: a newspaper, newspapers, un travail, des travaux: a job, jobs, chez: with, at, fabriquer qc: to ...
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    cardbox Learn numbers in French easily with these flash cards.
  5. 5
    Learn 20 words in french quickly and easily.
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Course created by: Sviese on March 12th 2008, 22:44.

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Being studied by: Sviese, Leena, sftballchik105, Dinara, Superchicca and 15 other persons.

The course contains: 12 lessons: 8 Cardboxes, 1 book, 1 Excerpt, 2 note.

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