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Algebra refresher (course)


The Course

Catching back up on the Algebra I learned so long ago.

The 3 Lessons

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    By Peter H. Selby, Steve Slavin. Practical Algebra If you studied algebra years ago and now need a refresher course in order to use algebraic principles on the job, or if you’re a student who needs an introduction to the subject, here’s the perfect book for you. Practical Algebra is an easy and fun-to-use workout program that ...
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    By Mary Jane Sterling. Problem topics can include improper numbers, grouping symbols, using proportions, rationalizing fractions, multiplying and factoring expressions, solving linear and quadratic equations, working with inequalities, and using formulas in story problems.
  3. 3
    By Robert F Blitzer. <P>Blitzer’s mathematical rigor is combined with an engaging, friendly and often fun presentation for greater student appeal. Blitzer’s exceptionally clear, accessible writing style combines the nuts and bolts students need with interesting and relevant examples. </P>


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